Yippee! I finally did it!

It’s been quite a journey deciding to start a blog!  What on earth do I have to say to the world? And what on earth would I call the blog? And will anyone even care about what I have to say? Well I guess I’m about to find out. So here goes nothing!

I am a Nigerian not-so introverted babe (at least I think I’m a babe) who loves to gist and laugh about any and everything! I’ve lived in North America for about twenty years but I’m still pretty Nigerian in my thoughts and speech. When the gist is very sweet (Naija lingo) I will italicize and do my best to translate accurately.

This corner of the world will be an outlet for my thoughts when my friends don’t really want to listen. D, yup, I’m calling you out!!! I am sure you are relieved you don’t have to read 50 what’s app messages a day. Oh well! Keep up with the blog when I’m missing from your space on what’s app.

I’m exhausted after a long day packing up to move offices but I am so excited I am officially a blogger!!! I did it! Night folks!

Do it afraid!

Do it without an audience!

Do it anyways!

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