I am a generally happy woman come what may. Mind always working. Finds humor in the littlest things in life. Much less tolerant than I used to be now that I’m almost at the half mark of my life. Life changing experiences have brought me to the point that I want to get as good as I give. As my people say, uwa bu ofu mbia! (you only live once!)

This poem I wrote in the early 2000’s best summarizes my outlook on life. Enjoy….

Who says the possible is impossible
And who says the impossible is possible
Who says the skies are above and the earth under our feet
Who says the skies are blue and water has no color
Who says the snow isn’t cotton candy pink
I say lions are white with red polka dots
My elephants are a beautiful turquoise green
My monkeys are yellow as can be
with purple spots all over their shiny coats
Those are happy colors so I choose them
I laugh my words and dance my steps
Who says, who says? Who says what you see is what there is
I say there’s always more than meets the eye
Look harder and see that the sun is purple;
The moon is neon green