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Choosing a ride or die

Love is such a beautiful feeling that we often times forget that it’s more of a choice and a commitment than it is that warm, fuzzy feeling. Remind yourself of this whether you’re in an old relationship, a new relationship or looking to get into a relationship.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love the warm, fuzzy feelings. After all it is me :); the die hard romantic. I’ve come to realize though how little the warm, fuzzy feelings will sustain a relationship in the long run. It makes sense to be extremely intentional in the choice of who you get into and stay in a relationship with rather than be driven to commit based on butterflies and temporary feelings. The who you love and who “loves” you could make or break you eventually.

Pick your love based on integrity, trustworthiness, strength, drive, kindness to fellow man, intelligence, independence and all of the bigger things which will stay even if beauty and wealth fades away. You are correct in thinking how incredibly old fashioned these values are. But especially because we live in such fast times where physicality is the order of the day do we need to go back to the basics and ask these questions of ourselves than going by what we enjoy with our eyes. I’m learning to teach my heart to be as logical as my brain is. Whoever you choose just make sure you can be their ride or die and they can be yours when the chips are down.







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