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Choosing a ride or die

Love is such a beautiful feeling that we often times forget that it's more of a choice and a commitment than it is that warm, fuzzy feeling. Remind yourself of this whether you're in an old relationship, a new relationship or looking to get into a relationship. Don't get me wrong. I do love the… Continue reading Choosing a ride or die

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Armageddon Come

Too many casualties left in the wake of a marriage or long term partnership ending. Does anyone really win? What happens when your protector and lover becomes your adversary?  Gender no longer matters in this tussle in the aftermath of separation and/or divorce. I am not sure how folks survive it really.  The grief is… Continue reading Armageddon Come

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A Letter To My Unborn Child

As the snow flakes fall gently outside of my window, I sit here thinking about my son. My only child. And I'm filled with so many emotions reminiscing over the years gone by. The most poignant of all of these emotions is love. So much love for this young man; this little person who has stretched the boundaries… Continue reading A Letter To My Unborn Child

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Your Magic is Fate…

I've often heard friends say they have no time for love or have never been in love before. For real? For real?! I used to think I have deep-rooted issues for having such unbridled, wild feelings akin to runaway horses with hooves of fire - forever aflight and afraid to touch the earth lest it be set ablaze... Ok! It's… Continue reading Your Magic is Fate…