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Your Magic is Fate…

I’ve often heard friends say they have no time for love or have never been in love before. For real? For real?! I used to think I have deep-rooted issues for having such unbridled, wild feelings akin to runaway horses with hooves of fire – forever aflight and afraid to touch the earth lest it be set ablaze… Ok! It’s not even that serious peeps!

For real though, I am a self-confessed, hopeless romantic! Doesn’t matter what life brings. I was born a romantic! I am deeply in love with love! I am excited about the idea of love! I have no shame when I am in love! I celebrate love and I acknowledge it as a fact that true love does exist! Who else would romance a man with a candlelit dinner of eba (processed cassava-trust me! It’s no caviar) and okra soup (very unsexy, drawy vegetable-it’s just not the food of love) trying to be spontaneous?

I love love….

Your Magic is Fate
If fate would throw a million hearts at me
I would take yours
If fate would teasingly offer me a million warm eyes
Yours I would plead to keep
Your magic keeps me chuckling
I’ve climbed through molten lava to see your stage
Take me on journeys through unfamiliar worlds
Tell me truths I’ve longed for in the secret of my heart
Hold me in the wake of your nights
And rock me to the rhythm of your heart
If the winds of fate would blow a million kisses of men in my path
Again I would search till I found you
If fate would be so good as to keep your face in the wake of my morrow
I’ll keep rendering a melody of colors to keep you as my magic act

 © N.A. 2004


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