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A Letter To My Unborn Child

As the snow flakes fall gently outside of my window, I sit here thinking about my son. My only child. And I’m filled with so many emotions reminiscing over the years gone by. The most poignant of all of these emotions is love. So much love for this young man; this little person who has stretched the boundaries of whom I knew myself to be. Having him in my life has grown me into a full fledged adult.

I am still as in love with him today as the day I wrote him this piece over 6 years ago when he was barely two months in my belly.


A Letter To My Unborn Child 

I feel you grow daily in my womb

I imagine you warm and cozy inside of me

I can’t believe this is happening

We waited so long for you my little darling, my angel

I can’t wait until my belly is swollen and perfectly round!

I shiver with excitement when I think of cuddling you and smelling your hair

I am so proud to tell everyone I meet in the streets that you’re on your way

I tell them I’m hungry because of you

I cry every single time I listen to a God song about miracles because I know He’s given us you

Will we be good enough for you?

Will I be able to nurse you to be the strapping young lad or demure miss you’re supposed to be?

I can’t wait to meet you

And who will you look like?

Your daddy talked about you before we made you

Your daddy always told me you would be brave like him

He told me that a lion always begets a lion

I pray for a child that is just as cute and brave as daddy is

Yet as gentle as Mummy is

You’re our miracle and I love you so very much


©Nwamaka Agbakoba, February 14, 2011





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