Everyone is going through something…

My mind is a little quieter today and this is where it’s at…

I realize my friends and even random folks seem to enjoy conversing with me. They confide deep, bothersome issues because I feel like a comfortable blanket or that favorite pair of worn in shoes. Their confidences have caused me to start to put my own problems in perspective and understand something my Mother has said to me when things have gotten kinda rough for me.

Mom’s philosophy is the following: “Into every life, a little rain must fall”.

Life is really what you make of it. It truly doesn’t matter what you’re going through, where there’s life, there’s hope. If you think you’re going through rough times, look around you. I dare you to. And listen to the stories of folks around you. There is some rain in every life. I am starting to realize that the shaking, the beating and the pressing is truly what makes the purest oil from the olive run (thanks Jekalyn Carr for the word. It applies).

A single Mom becomes a best selling author because of the uncomfortable experiences she’s been through, Mina Alexander sings an amazingly popular song based on the struggles he’s been through seeing his young son struggle through life with a chronic ailment. Doesn’t matter who, they have had or will have some rain in their lives. So what will I make of my own rain clouds?

I intend to be strong in my storm.

I intend to seize the opportunity in my storm.

I intend to not let go of the opportunity in my storm.

Truly doesn’t matter, into every life, a little rain surely must fall…

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