See me

There are often times when poetry is the only way I know to express the feelings percolating on my insides. The day I wrote this poem was one of those. You know when you’ve had one of those convos that leaves you telling yourself “o baby! Yeepa! (Jeez!) you must’ve been high as a kite when you just told all of that stuff about your behind!!!”. Especially when the person you told all of it to is extremely guarded in their utterances.

Yeah, I parked my car at my destination and wrote this one.

Here goes….

See me

What does he see when he looks at me?
Does he see the beautifully jagged painting of my life bloodied together by the strength of my pain?
Or does he see the shards of my brokenness?

What do you feel when you hold me close?
Do you feel the shame I feel or do you feel the intensity of my pride?

I am me. Brokenly whole
I am me. With nothing; richer than I’ve ever been
I am me. Sad and afraid; happier than I’ve ever been

Do you see me? Standing with the shards of my soul dripping away as I will it back into a beautiful whole?
Do you see me? Every fiber of me in concert to become

I am me. No longer afraid to be me
I am me. With a new beat to my heart
I am me. With a new breath in my soul

See me. I am me

© N.A. 2017


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