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Excerpt 6: 40 key things I’ve learned as I countdown to 40

I haven’t always been comfortable in my skin. Why didn’t boys write me poetry instead I had all the sweet words? And why was I always the biggest girl in the room? And why wasn’t I as tall and slim as the hottest girls? And why couldn’t I stop biting my nails? And why didn’t I get invited to the all the coolest parties in my early years?

The honest to goodness answer is all of this doesn’t matter anymore!

I am me! The greatest me that ever liveth! I own it! Sometimes I am an amazing person to know. Sometimes I’m downright awful! I can yell down the house in frustration and afterwards I just want to lay under my cloud and cry because I can’t figure stuff out.

I write silly, sweet poems. I love to cuddle. I have cute lips (is it vain that I think so?), I love to roll up my napkins and tie them in pretty bows. I will go to the ends of the earth to find a gift to make my loved one happy. It’s ok to be me….


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