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Excerpt 6: 40 key things I’ve learned as I countdown to 40

I haven't always been comfortable in my skin. Why didn't boys write me poetry instead I had all the sweet words? And why was I always the biggest girl in the room? And why wasn't I as tall and slim as the hottest girls? And why couldn't I stop biting my nails? And why didn't I… Continue reading Excerpt 6: 40 key things I’ve learned as I countdown to 40

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Feminist Speak

What is a feminist? According to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's introduction in Beyoncé's hit song; Flawless, a feminist is one who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. If I were to go strictly by this definition, then I am at my very core, a true feminist. I do find myself shying away from the… Continue reading Feminist Speak

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Photo bombing for the win!

So, lately I've been seeking inspiration to develop my inner thoughts to a winning mentality. I've become a motivational video junkie. I listen to them as I get ready for work, on the commute in, when I don't really need quiet to focus at my desk... Billy Alsbrooks is my absolute fave! I can listen to that guy… Continue reading Photo bombing for the win!