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Photo bombing for the win!

So, lately I’ve been seeking inspiration to develop my inner thoughts to a winning mentality. I’ve become a motivational video junkie. I listen to them as I get ready for work, on the commute in, when I don’t really need quiet to focus at my desk…

Billy Alsbrooks is my absolute fave! I can listen to that guy all day, errday. The guy dey ginger my swagga! (I be feeling like a champ by the time I step out the door in the morning!) I sometimes catch myself wondering about progress though. “Girlie Mi o! By now you suppose don enter road dey campaign as next Prime Minister for Canada na!” (Baby girl! With all of this motivation all up in your head, by now you should be on the campaign trail aiming to be Canada’s next Prime Minister!).

I’m sure you’re still wondering what the title of this post has to do with where I’m going with this. Yes? Ok. I’ve been trying to figure out the inner thoughts of photo bombers for quite a while now. I feel that this phenomena is rooted in deep self confidence and affirmation. Therefore, I would really love to put a finger on the triggers in a photo bomber’s mind as I seek to continue to build my own confidence. If you have any helpful hints please feel free to email me privately or leave an anonymous comment under this post. And I’m addressing the true photo bombers’ please. I would love to hear from the bonafide ones.

What really goes through the mind of one? Is a photo bomber so convinced of the majesty of their aura or of their physical gorgeousness that they are convinced that only their presence in a picture pulls it all together?

My friend had modeled early last month for the clothing line I’m currently building and was hoping to get a great selfie I could use for social media. But then this guy happened to the selfie! What on earth was on his mind as he stepped into the frame? Was he really thinking he would enhance the selfie? Or was it just that elixir that true photo bombers seem to be on? I think that he may still be on his journey to becoming a bonafide photo bomber though as evidenced by the confusion in the latter picture. Or perhaps even photo bombers have a peak and trough?

If anyone happens to know him, please let him know I would like to get together for coffee. Let him know that the world needs to understand the secret of his confidence and perhaps he could teach me a thing or two and become the next Billy Alsbrooks in my consciousness. Who knows? “The world belongs to the bold”….


“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”! Babe! I finish work! These my baffs no get part 2! (I am the Greatest. Now your picture is perfect. This outfit of mine is second to none!)

A moment later though. What happened? What on earth did I just do?…

Original PB

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