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Feminist Speak

What is a feminist? According to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's introduction in Beyoncé's hit song; Flawless, a feminist is one who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. If I were to go strictly by this definition, then I am at my very core, a true feminist. I do find myself shying away from the… Continue reading Feminist Speak

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She Walks On

Love lifts you up, makes you smile, gives you the strength to know that you can conquer every mountain, slay every every with that one special person by your side. You feel gorgeous because you're wanted by someone. Your smile means something to someone. Your words? Super special. Love is amazing! The beginning of the end of love… Continue reading She Walks On

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I got on that darned plane! Wonky lungs and all

I've missed this space!  The last couple of weeks have been insane and then restful and then insane again. Best of all in the time I've been AWOL, I got to conquer my fear of getting on a darned plane again! Yippee! Before my trip to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, it had almost been a… Continue reading I got on that darned plane! Wonky lungs and all

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Photo bombing for the win!

So, lately I've been seeking inspiration to develop my inner thoughts to a winning mentality. I've become a motivational video junkie. I listen to them as I get ready for work, on the commute in, when I don't really need quiet to focus at my desk... Billy Alsbrooks is my absolute fave! I can listen to that guy… Continue reading Photo bombing for the win!

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In the Eyes of my “Why?”

Most people believe in a higher power as I do. My higher power is God. I've come to a place in my life where my faith in God is so child-like often times I'm amazed at myself. I was raised in church and have served in church quite a bit over the course of my… Continue reading In the Eyes of my “Why?”

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Your Magic is Fate…

I've often heard friends say they have no time for love or have never been in love before. For real? For real?! I used to think I have deep-rooted issues for having such unbridled, wild feelings akin to runaway horses with hooves of fire - forever aflight and afraid to touch the earth lest it be set ablaze... Ok! It's… Continue reading Your Magic is Fate…


The hustle sha!

Being good at a lot of things can be a blessing or not. Couple that with the zeal of youth and triple that with being from the country I'm from and quadruple that with the part of that country I'm from. Lawd! If I had the emoticon with the what's app monkey covering its face, that would be perfect emoticon to… Continue reading The hustle sha!


Who you epp?!

I feel I've changed as a person. I still look like my smiley self but a few times I've had friends ask me what has happened to the softy me? Truth is, I don't really know. I do think I've come to the stage in my life where I don't want to be bothered bottling up feelings when stuff upsets me. I… Continue reading Who you epp?!


Vanity upon Vanity!

This will be my longest blog post thus far. I know you're thinking girl! This is just your third! So, today I went for a washroom break in the middle of an extremely busy day!!! All done. Trying to make sure my face still looked ok. Fixing my hair (yup! issa wig!) to make sure the… Continue reading Vanity upon Vanity!